Training Education

ERHARDT-LEIMER Romania P.T.S. can provide a wide range of education and training options. Training can be standard product training, or customized training to fit specific project requirements. The target audience for the training can vary from new users learning the product for the first time, to product experts who need to focus on one specific process (design, manufacturing, process control, network security, administration).

We offer :

CATIA/CADAM V4 Courses :

  • Basics
  • Solid Design
  • Surface and Advanced Surface Design
  • Drafting and Draw-Space Integration
  • Assembly Modeling
  • 3D Parametric Variational Modeler
  • 3D Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Sheet Metal Design
  • Cloud to Geometry
  • Global Shape Deformation
  • Generative Shape Modeling
  • Kinematics
  • Generative Part Stress
  • Finite Element Modeler
  • Visual Studio and 4D Navigator
  • Numerical Control (Basics, Fixed-Axis, Multiple-Axis Milling)
  • Surface and Prismatic Machining Programmer
  • Mold and Die Machining Assistant
  • CATIA Data Base Management
  • CATIA Installation and Administration UNIX

CATIA V5 Courses :

  • CATIA Basics
  • Sketcher
  • Part Design
  • Assembly Design
  • Interactive Drafting
  • Generative Drafting
  • Wireframe and Surfaces
  • Generative Shape Design
  • Free Style Shaper and Optimizer
  • Sheet Metal Design
  • 3D Functional Tolerancing & Annotation
  • Structure Design
  • Mold Tool Design
  • Generative Part Stress
  • Knowledge Advisor
  • Prismatic Machining
  • 3-Axis Surface Machining
  • NC Manufacturing Review
  • V5 Administration

CATIA-CADAM Drafting Courses:

  • Drafting Application
  • Variational Design Technology
  • Hybrid Raster
  • Data Conversion

SmarTeam Courses:

  • SmarTeam Editor
  • SmarTeam BOM
  • SmarTeam WorkFlow
  • SmarTeam Multi-Cad Integrator
  • SmartWeb


  • Navigator
  • Space

Network Monitoring and Security Courses:

  • Veracity Administrator


Training & Education