ERHARDT+LEIMER Romania P.T.S. promotes advanced tools to create, simulate and analyze human interaction in a digital environment. Our solutions can help improve your product's performance and quality.

Implementation is designed to provide the installation and administration assistance required to implement your customized product lifecycle management (PLM) solution effectively.

Product lifecycle management integration provides the tools needed for bi-directional data exchange with other CAD/CAM/CAE systems through neutral data exchange formats. This type of integration is needed for supply chain management and other applications. Our knowledgeware solutions can help you capture the knowledge residing in the minds of your employees and organize it so that people across departments can benefit from shared information. We can help you leverage data for maximum benefit.

Lifecycle management
How can your business expand into niche markets, while retaining existing customers? How can you optimize products, facilitate innovation and go to market sooner? Our lifecycle management solutions help you enforce best practices so procedures can be executed in less time, with greater efficiency and fewer bottlenecks.

Mechanical design
No matter how long your product development cycle is, competition in business constantly demands that it be shorter. Are you a manufacturer or supplier searching for ways to spin the wheel of innovation ever faster – and increase profits at the same time? we can help.

Numerical Control (NC) manufacturing
Are your design tools linked to production? Are you using 3-D models to drive your manufacturing machines? Are you able to analyze and validate design and production processes before moving to the shop floor? To increase the efficiency and accuracy of manufacturing, turn to Progressive Technical Solutions.

Plan development
Product lifecycle management plan development can help you build a road map for transitioning your current systems to support a more effective and efficient product development process.

Plant design
Is your company looking to progress beyond stand-alone computer aided design solutions in support of new plant lifecycle management methodologies? By taking advantage of new tools offered by us, your company can shorten design time, reduce design errors and optimize space allocation in your manufacturing plant design.

Rapid prototyping
How long does it take you to approve product designs? How quickly can you create physical models and then make changes to them? Would you like to substantially cut that timeframe? You can with our rapid prototyping solutions. We can help you cut costs, improve design and save time.

Shape design and styling
Conceptual design is the first step to product development. Which designs are the most marketable? Do your processes streamline or bog down product approvals? Does your design solution enable the creation of high quality surfaces? Turn to us for 3-D design solutions that can help you jump start product development and production.

Is reducing the time it takes to go to market, minimizing cost and improving product quality important to your company? Our company offers end-to-end, integrated collaboration solutions and we can help you do exactly that -- and provide improved resource utilization, shortened product development cycles and increased product innovation.

Digital mockup and Virtual product development management

Product development processes dictate product innovation and quality, ultimately translating into profitability, customer loyalty and access to new markets. Support product lifecycle management best practices through the use of sophisticated digital mock-ups, without the need for costly and time-consuming physical prototypes.

Document management

Is your company using efficient and cost-effective methods to update
product-related documentation? Has the failure to report a procedure or part
change ever caused production delays or resulted in wasted resources? Our
document management solutions can help resolve these problems.

Equipment and systems engineering

Piping and hydraulics -- electrical systems -- heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) -- if your company designs and engineers it, we can help you improve the way you design, modify, analyze and document almost any systems infrastructure. We can help you reduce errors, speed production cycles and improve revenues.