SMARTEAM V5 facilitates product lifecycle collaboration, driving knowledge and ‘best practice’ processes across the extended enterprise, to rapidly deliver measurable results in product design, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing and the after-market.
SMARTEAM V5 solutions are based on robust and open technologies, which integrate enterprises on multiple levels:
- Information Integration
Capturing intellectual property at its source, including documents, CAD, and Bills of Material, from design, procurement, manufacturing, and maintenance. SMARTEAM V5 drives product information across the extended enterprise, facilitating its use, and exchanging it with other enterprise applications.
- Process Integration
Establishing and maintaining vital corporate best practices, leveraging subject matter experts across the extended enterprise to drive better, more efficient decisions and processes via automated workflows and change management.
- Organizational and Business Integration
By standardizing work methods and creating synergy across departments, multiple enterprise sites, suppliers and customers, SMARTEAM V5 helps optimize the product lifecycle, including design and sourcing, Bill of Materials management, standards compliance and more. Offers the best-practice methodologies optimizing your business processes.

SMARTEAM’s product lifecycle collaboration platform provides best-practice methodologies for optimizing the following business processes:
- Collaborative Document Management
SMARTEAM saves time and minimizes errors, by turning product data into an information asset that can be easily and securely retrieved for improved decision making, offering universal access, multi-site replication for dispersed teams, and dedicated supply chain communities.
- Multi-CAD Data Management
SMARTEAM’s multi-CAD integrations provide a common collaborative data management platform among diverse engineering teams throughout the enterprise. Eliminating both the need to re-key data, as well as inefficient work on outdated designs, SMARTEAM solutions dramatically reduce scrap, rework and error costs, and save valuable time by facilitating re-use of drawings, standard parts and more.
Enabling users to manage, view, edit, and annotate CAD designs and other related documents, SMARTEAM solutions provide full Part and Assembly Management, managing complex assembly hierarchy structures, including their component parts, while maintaining dependencies and integrity during lifecycle operations.
SMARTEAM’s Multi-CAD Data Management solutions also ease the migration difficulties when moving from one legacy CAD system to a new one.
- Workflow and Change Management
By providing engineering change templates, and automatically routing workflow from one stage to another, SMARTEAM streamlines and expedites engineering change processes, helping businesses to leverage subject matter experts throughout the extended enterprise and across the supply chain. SMARTEAM solutions enable businesses to drive better, more efficient decisions and processes, improve customer satisfaction due to faster EC cycles, meet deadlines, and more.
- BOM Management and Collaboration
SMARTEAM solutions streamline the processes related to the creation and change of the Bill of Materials (BOM) throughout the product lifecycle and across the value chain, enabling companies to collaborate on and manage product structures, including structure effectivity and more. SMARTEAM enables dynamic hierarchical navigation through various view formats, editing capabilities, and simplified change tracking, as well as workflow automation on BOM changes.

- Enterprise Data Proliferation
Tying the islands of information created by diverse enterprise applications, SMARTEAM solutions provide an interoperable platform, optimizing business processes by integrating the latest product data and process across engineering design, manufacturing logistics, customer service and other enterprise systems through standard middleware technology.
- Value Chain Collaboration
SMARTEAM solutions securely incorporate supply chain partners and customers into companies’ engineering changes processes, quoting/bidding processes and more, improving product quality, decreasing cycle time, and reducing costs.
- Standards Compliance
SMARTEAM solutions enable businesses to easily adhere to standards regulations, by offering control over the management of electronic records of the entire product development process, including enhanced user authentication procedures, audit trail records of changes, electronic signature support, following a workflow process and more.


SMARTEAM V5 Solutions address industry-specific business needs by managing all mechanical, electronic and software components in today’s complex product development environment of the Fabrication and Assembly (F&A), Electrical and Electronic (E&E), Automotive and Aerospace, Life Sciences and Process industries.

SMARTEAM business solutions are implemented through a range of products, which ensure maximum choice and adaptability to customers’ unique needs.


Smarteam Enterprise Solutions is the infrastructure and extension of all SMARTEAM solutions and include the following products:

SMARTEAM - Foundation (FDN) provides secure real-time access to product data for authorized users from virtually anywhere on the globe. The SMARTEAM repository ensures data integrity, and core technologies enable global access. SMARTEAM - Foundation is comprised of databases, servers, customization tools, and administration tools for the entire SMARTEAM suite of products.

SMARTEAM - Multi-site (MUS) is an asynchronous solution designed for the distributed environment enabling dispersed team members to efficiently collaborate on product development, maintaining data integrity and high performance at all sites.

SMARTEAM - Gateway (GWY) provides bi-directional data exchange between SMARTEAM and multiple enterprise applications, bringing the benefits of revision management, change control and collaboration to enterprise applications.

SMARTEAM - SA Adapter (SAA) provides business integration between SMARTEAM and SAP R/3 and includes support for transferring product data, e.g. Item Masters, Documents, Bill of Materials, and ECO etc.

SMARTEAM - OA Adapter (OAA) provides business integration between SMARTEAM and Oracle 11i and includes support for transferring product data, e.g. Item Masters, Documents, Bill of Materials, ECO and Catalog.


Smarteam Workgroup User Solutions include specific user functionality, which expands the scope of SMARTEAM solutions and include the following products:
SMARTEAM - Workflow (WFL) is a workflow automation and change management solution, streamlining business processes by enabling users to manage project workflow, track project status and automatically route work from one stage to the next, expediting engineering change processes.

SMARTEAM - BOM (BOM) streamlines the processes related to the creation and change of the Bill of Materials throughout the product lifecycle and across the value chain.

SMARTEAM - Web Conferencing (WCO) is a powerful real-time communications service allowing businesses to enhance collaboration and simplify communication by conducting on-line interactive meetings, and sharing information live over the Internet.


The Collaboration Dashboards allow manufacturers to manage, exchange, and collaborate on product information, working in a multi-CAD environment in teams on site, remotely, and with value chain partners.

The Collaboration Dashboards include the following products:

SMARTEAM - Editor (EDR) is the core Windows-based collaborative Product Data Management application that enables businesses to manage various types of data and resources such as CAD drawings and assemblies, Bills of Materials (BOMs), Office-type documents, including Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, and more.

SMARTEAM - Web Editor (WED) is a web-based solution, providing secure product lifecycle collaboration through the SMARTEAM database and managed files from standard Internet browsers.

SMARTEAM - Navigator (NVR) provides a light-weight, read only web-based access to SMARTEAM managed information from standard Internet browsers.

SMARTEAM - Community Workspace (CMT) is a web-based, collaborative product commerce (CPC) solution, enabling project communities to easily and securely collaborate on and manage product information within their extended enterprise and across the value chain.

The various SMARTEAM - Multi-CAD Integrations create a true multi-CAD environment, enabling various CAD users, such as CATIA® V5, SolidWorks®, AutoCAD®, Mechanical Desktop, Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge, MicroStation, Pro/ENGINEER, Unigraphics and more, to manage all CAD and related product data from a single collaborative PDM.


The Smarteam Best Practices group of products provides proven methodologies and predefined business processes specifically addressing the needs of the Electrical and Electronics (E&E), and the Medical Equipment industries.

The Best Practices Solutions group includes the following products:

SMARTEAM Electronics Template (ETT) provides a complete business process environment, which supports the major scenarios in the Electrical and Electronics (E&E) environment, including:

- Part creation / standardization
- Reuse of data / quick start of a project
- Combined release processes for MCAD and ECAD data
- Managing (embedded) software
- Managing engineering changes (ECR and ECO)
- Import BOM data from an ECAD system
- Audit changes

SMARTEAM FDA Compliance (FDA) provides the tools to enable medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers to comply with US Food and Drug Administration's 21CFR Part 11 regulations, including:

- Enhanced User Authentication procedures
- Audit Trail records of changes
- Electronic Signature support
- A specified workflow process
- Query mechanism for retrieving Audit Trail information