Component Application Architecture (CAA) Version 5 and its Rapid Application Development Environment (RADE)enables users to integrate their know-how into specialised CATIA and ENOVIA applications.It also enables users to federate their existing legacy system into ENOVIA 3D com.CAA V5 is rapidly becoming the preferred development environment for companies willing to grow the 3d PLM solutions portfolio.

Openness of 3D PLM solutions … to build customised applications with more than 2500 component-based APIs across the range of PLM solutions
Based on leading edge V5 architecture …customers can focus on innovation thanks to native powerful capabilities provided as standard components
Build V5 application fully integrated in 3D PLM solutions … allows full integration of innovative applications into PLM products to deliver an extended V5 portfolio
Fast development capabilities … offer methods and guidelines to build stable applications supported by the component-based architecture
Productivity driven standard-compliant toolkits to produce Windows NT ** and UNIX V5 applications … profit from best-in-class development experience to cut development time.

Configuration available:

CAA –Multi-Workspace Application Building (ABC)
The Multi-Workspace Application Building configuration is targeted for IT organizations to serve as a slot to plug in additional add-on products to augment IT &QA resources for teamwork release management (applicable for CATIA,ENOVIA &DELMIA V5). The Multi-Workspace Application Building configuration separates pure developer activity from IT &QA activity when
releasing software applications. The Multi-Workspace Application Building configuration can also be used on UNIX OS for supporting application built from NT/2000 without leaving the Windows session.

CAA –C++Extended Development (CDC)
The C++Extended Development configuration is targeted for C++developers &Business Analyst working in the customization field of CATIA V5 &ENOVIA LCA. C++Extended Development configuration allows the full code implementation (including V5 specific wizards) and visual modelling capabilities for extending data object from within CATIA or ENOVIA V5. It also delivers the full suite of test and quality tools.

CAA –C++Base Development (CDV)
The C++Base Development configuration is targeted for C++developers working in the customization field of CATIA V5 &ENOVIA LCA V5. C++Base Development configuration allows full code implementation capabilities including V5 specific wizards to speed up development time.

Products available:

  • CAA –C++API Documentation Generator (CDG)
  • CAA –C++Source Checker (CSC)
  • CAA –C++Interactive Dashboard (CID)
  • CAA –C++Unit Test Manager (CUT)
  • CAA –Java Interactive Dashboard (JID)
  • CAA –Java Unit Test Manager (JUT)
  • CAA –Web Application Generator for Legacy Database (LWG)
  • CAA –Source Code Manager (SCM)
  • CAA –Teamwork Release Manager (TRM)
  • CAA –Data Model Customizer (DMC)

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