PDM / PLM - Smarteam, ENOVIA


IBM-DS solutions for Product LifeCycle Management includes two products categories: ENOVIA and SMARTEAM.

ENOVIA solutions provide the backbone of Dassault Systemes’PLM strategy. The solutions include product data management, intellectual property lifecycle management, virtual product design, collaboration solutions, and configured digital mock-up.

ENOVIA solutions enable companies developing complex products to manage product lifecycles from design to manufacturing and after-sales services. These solutions facilitate innovation, reducing development time and cost by delivering new products “right to market” the first time.
Information generated in the product lifecycle represents a major portion of a company’s intellectual property Increasingly, this intellectual property is becoming a company’s competitive advantage, as much as its manufacturing assets. ENOVIA manages this information using the PPR model which integrates the Product definition with its manufacturing Processes and the related Resources.

For example, ENOVIA solutions enable companies to springboard from a current design to a competitive marketing innovation by applying new practices such as collaborative design, product morphing, design in context, and digital mock-up.

These solutions have been adopted by the world leaders in automotive and transportation, aerospace and defense, shipbuilding, fabrication and assembly, and heavy manufacturing industries.

To take advantage of these numerous possibilities, CATIA and DELMIA are developed and delivered simultaneously with ENOVIA. Numerous companies have adopted this combination of solutions to benefit from advantages offered by an integrated PLM solution.

ENOVIA for lifecycle management and decision support - transforms the customer’s product development organization into a source of competitive advantage with increased support for complex product design and a practical Web environment to bring marketing, sales and customers earlier into the product development cycle - where 80% of product costs are committed.
ENOVIA ( Enterprise Optimization VIA ) is a way to optimise the product lifecycle, document and flow management and includes four type of applications: ENOVIA VMP (Virtual Product Modelling), ENOVIA PM (Product Management), ENOVIA LCA V5 (LifeCycle Applications)- including ENOVIA PPR HUB, Enterprise Arhitecture and Rapid Application Development,, ENOVIA Portal - including ENOVIA 3D navigator and ENOVIA DMU (common products with CATIA V5).

SMARTEAM software applications are scalable and customizable collaborative solutions to manage product lifecycles. Now based on the common V5 platform, these solutions are inherently interoperable with the latest generation of PLM applications from Dassault Systemes.

SMARTEAM for lifecycle and product data management - enhances and accelerates the proliferation of product knowledge and business processes across the enterprise and product value chain with tighter CAD integrations, expanded collaborative design, improved web collaboration, new methodologies, and improved data capture, mining, and reuse capabilities. SMARTEAM also features IBM Websphere Express, a flexible, low cost solution for enterprise integration of disparate application environments.
SMARTEAM includes tools to define and view workflow, database creation and interface, ERP gateway development and multi-site structure data replication.
SMARTEAM has multiple applications in different industries: mechanical, consumer goods, machinery, oil and chemical, asset management, electrical, medical and pharmaceutical.