Network Infrastructure
Intranet Extranet Solutions

Over time, vendors introduce new hardware and new versions of operating systems and cease to support old hardware and old versions of operating systems. Our ability to support these platforms varies, depending on a variety of vendor and non-vendor factors. Here we've collected some information about what we do support.

Our IT Infrastructure Solutions contains:

Network Project Specifications
Our network solutions are based on the project specification according with the custromers needs, including client-server hard-soft functions asked, topologies and other specific requirements and possibilities.

Cabling Installation and Installation Policy

Our cabling solutions are based on fibre optics, UTP cable and associated network equipments and communications requirements.

UNIX-Windows Network Solutions
IT Solutions are based on the UNIX and Windows platforms but do not exclude others like AS/400 systems or specific real-time industrial networks and protocols.

Capital Management Plan
Large projects such as new buildings or major network upgrades would be funded by the Capital Management Plan (CMP). We offer specific guidelines which define the quantity and type of cabling and equipment requires and the work activities.

Farm servers installation and configuration
IT Infrastructure can includes many different servers (physical and logical) for: data base, licences, communications, applications, internet/intranet services and security services. We offers solutions to installation and configurations for theese servers acording with functions needs.

Network client-server software configurations
Logical Infrastructure for client-server applications users
Diverse Data Communications
Multisystem Communication
Our distributed CAD/CAM/PDM/ERP software applications and many others requires client-server functionalities. IT infrastructure must provides solutions to run theese applications in distributed environments and client-server mode. In many cases IT software infrastructure must assures the logical link between applications for the flow, common data base, distributed security access and network communications.

Network Monitoring and Security solutions
Our solutions includes monitoring, data compare, intrusion detection and network activities based on the Veracity Monitor and Agent applications, and firewall, proxy, antivirus and policy security based on Check Point software and other applications distributed in Romania by our parner Provision.
Data Base and Distributed Services on the Networks

Intranet/Extranet Solutions
Infrastructure Planning, Business Continuance, Server Consolidation, Web-Based Applications for Intranet E-Business Intelligence, Data Flow Creation and Maintenance, CAD/CAM/PDM/ERP integrated system on Web access solutions through internet/intranet services

Out IT Infrastructure offers solutions for the customers General Requirements:

  • Determining an IT environment for the changing needs of your business
  • Managing massive amounts of enterprise data
  • Pursuing an architecture roadmap to maximize computing capability
  • Ensuring maximized system availability