ENOVIA is a set of PLM products for the management and distribution of development data and knowledge, the key elements of a company's intellectual property.

  • Based on industry best practices such as extensive use of 3D data, fast and reliable communications and enhanced collaboration, ENOVIA encourages optimization of processes in the manufacturing enterprise and its engineering supply chain to ensure satisfaction of end-user requirements and enhance innovation.
  • ENOVIA provides integrated solutions that:
    • Encapsulate industry best practices
    • Deliver 3D-based communication and collaboration tools
    • Create business intelligence from product information
    • Support the scalability necessary for extended enterprise deployment
    • Integrate existing applications with ENOVIA to build a consistent and comprehensive information system

The ENOVIA product line delivers enterprise solutions that manage a comprehensive,collaborative and real-time distributed model of the digital product,and pr cesses and resources throughout the Digitall Enterprise.
As a business grows and ENOVIA Solutions extend to communicate with suppliers and serve customers on the Internet.

ENOVIA Solutions enable concurrent creation and utilization of product data by the entire extended enterprise.
ENOVIA Solutions enable manufacturing companies to achieve the Digital Enterprise vision through a relevant combination products and services.

ENOVIA has four big classes of products: ENOVIA Portal, ENOVIA VPM, ENOVIA PM and ENOVIA LCA.

ENOVIA Portal exploits e-business throughout the product life cycle by providing the extended enterprise with access to product data, processes and resources including legacy, PDM and Enterprise Resource Planning data. ENOVIA Portal provides powerful multi-CAD visualization and professional Webware functions via the ENOVIA DMU and ENOVIA 3D products.

ENOVIA VPM and ENOVIA PM support product creation and digital simulation of the entire product life cycle from initial concept to product in service. These solutions provide best practices of concurrent engineering, multiple design options, early manufacturing involvement and collaboration with the extended enterprise.