Engineering CAD/CAM/CAE Services

Our company offer the best services in Romania for implementing professional CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM systems due to our team experience involved in many succes projects for CATIA V4 / V5 as our references show.

Engineering Consulting and Services CATIA V4-V5 will provide:

  • Application consulting methodology with implementation of CATIA V5 and V4;
  • Offers and project management for CATIA acquizition licences
  • Consulting and implementation for V5 in a compatible environment with V4;
  • Systems implementation of V5 in a UNIX or NT environment;
  • Systems implementation of V4 in a UNIX environment;
  • Systems implementation of V5 in a mixed OS environment (UNIX and NT) and/or multiple CATIA version environment (V4 and V5);
  • Consultative training assistance with planed CATIA V5 and/or V4;
  • Computer Assisted Learning;
  • Consulting on CATIA Administration for V4;
  • Installation and customization CATIA V4 single or multi-user into UNIX network;
  • Consulting on CATIA Administration for V5 in a multi-operating system (UNIX and NT and/or V4 and V5);
  • Consultative services for CATIA V5 readiness in a V4 environment;
  • Training for UNIX-CATIA end-users and CATIA Administrators.
  • Technical support for designers, analysts, administrators and manufacturers in CATIA environment.

Special services

  • Complete and/or detail engineering (3D modeling, drafting, sheet metal, deformation)
  • Structural FEM and Kinematics Analysis.
  • DMU, Virtual Product and Rendering
  • NC programming (3-5 axis).
  • Conversions of engineering data from/to multiple CAD format
  • CATIA V4 & V5 Plant Design Solutions and Services