Model Concept

ERHARDT+LEIMER Romania P.T.S.(ELR) provides its customers with fast, reliable and innovative solutions to a wide range of engineering problems. In order to develop prototypes from concepts, ELR relies with the Solid Modeling Techniques to achieve viable solutions to the range of innovative concepts generated by its staff. Solid models generated are used to evaluate different concepts on the basis of viability, manufacturability and esthetics. Utilizing the benefits of solid modeling creates the opportunity to integrate different concepts into a part. These concepts can be interchanged, rotated and replaced to visually evaluate the concepts according to predefined design criteria. After the most promising concepts have been selected, they can be analyzed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools. The compatibility of the modeling tool with other Finite Element packages leads to fast turnaround times for structural, thermal and vibration analyses.
Off the shelf parts are used as much as possible in all Progressive Technical Solutions’s designs. This reduces cost and exploits past experience. These parts are stored in libraries and parts lists and models are easily generated.
Once the evaluation process is completed, the concept leads to a detailed prototype design. The manufacturing process is determined by modeling the tool-paths and design of the molds that will produce the final product. These design tools are part of the solid modeling package and provide fast and reliable visualization for optimal manufacturing.