General Electric Fanuc offers CNC/PLC/CIM products and solutions based machining, manufacturing real-time processes needs. Theese solutions provide integration, data management and controls.

CNC products includes: servo guide, machine tool, machine interface, display stations, remote monitoring, programable devices and software tools, routines and applications. GE Fanuc Automation introduces a new concept in integrated control with the affordable new OCS operator control station. This compact system combines a controller, an operator interface, I/O and networking into one seamless solution to help lower control costs while providing unparalleled ease of use.

PLC products including the New Generation of Control GE Fanuc Automation and it combines power and versatility to help provide maximum performance in the PLC compact and affordable control solution based on Six Sigma design process.

The PLC solutions named GE Fanuc Series, VersaMax or VersaPoint (controllers, data panels) are single control products that can be used as I/O, as a PLC, and as distributed control. With GE Fanuc's VersaPro, programming your PLC for even the most complex applications is now a simple and intuitive process. Designed specifically for ease - of - use, VersaPro Programming Software gives you maximum flexibility for programming your Series 90 - 30 and VersaMax PLCs.

Another GE Fanuc product family is PowerMotion, builds on proven expertise in servo, motion and machine control, and operator interface technologies. From simple, single-axis control to precise, sophisticated control of multiple axes, there's a PowerMotion solution for such motion control applications as packaging, converting, assembly, metal fabrication, and material handling. PowerMotion solutions include Motion Mate, motion controllers, the Series digital servos easy-to-use graphical interface for programming motion profiles.

CIM Solutions is based on CIMPLICITY applications divided into two parts : CIMPLICITY MACHINE EDITION and CIMPLICITY PLANT EDITION.
CIMPLICITY MACHINE EDITION is a new dimension of software components used to develop HMI, Motion, and multi-target Control in a unified working environment. This software has functions for data collection, simulate process action and control devices, integrate with other plant ant supply chain systems.

CIMPLICITY PLANT EDITION is part of an interrelated set of software business tools, services and infrastructure to achieve maximied productivity through digitization. There are many categories of software solutions for plant processes: Cimplicity Open Process, HMI for CNC, WebView, Supply Chain Edition for the data collection from any device anywhere, visualization of aggregated information, sharing data between manufacturing and enterprise systems, collect and visualize data from your Fanuc CNC controllers and finally to use real-time information to plan, optimize and forecast master schedules and plant floor orders, to alert peoduction planning and inventory shortages.