Open Architecture Controls

With GE Fanuc Open CNCs, you can combine the best of both worlds. Select the GE Fanuc CNC system that best meets your machining require-ments and the PC system that best meets your application, integration, data management, and CAD/CAM needs. GE Fanuc offers three different approaches to PC/CNC integration. We provide controls with built-in PCs, controls that link GE Fanuc CNCs with external PCs, and CNCs that reside in the PC. Each solution offers unique advantages, while sharing a common set of programming tools and prewritten applications. This architecture allows integration with most any system in your facility and simplifies migration as systems are upgraded or modified.

Operator Interface and Network Integration

Having undergone years of on-the-job refinement, GE Fanuc CNC screens are well-designed and familiar in the industry. Custom screens can also be created. Navigation between screens remains simple and straightforward, allowing operators to quickly find the data they need. The Microsoft ® Windows ® interface of our Open CNC software is similarly straightforward, using standard GE Fanuc screens as the basis for flexible screen design. Utilizing C++, Visual Basic APIs, or our CIMPLICITY ® HMI products, machine tool builders and end users can easily customize screens to meet specific needs. Networking is simple and standards from Microsoft such as OLE2 and ActiveX facilitate seamless integration with applications.

CIM Solutions

Digitation and Real-Time Data Management Solutions for entire Supply Chain