Catia V5
CATIA Version 5 (V5) is a completely re-engineered, next-generation, interoperable native NT CAD/CAM/CAE software solution.
UNIX based CATIA V4 has lead the way for over a decade, but V5 with its revolutionary approach to 3D CAE, has the power and capabilities to handle projects of any size and complexity - from the smallest and most intricate piece of jewellery, to the might of a Boeing 777.

CATIA V5's extensive capabilities include:
1. using the power of the internet to perform B2B activities
2.using concept sketches to create part in operation
3. rapid response to engineering changes
4. using knowledge based parts in the design process to capture
5. best practices whilst adhering to company standards
6. verifying part & assembly design integrity
7. using integrated stress analysis solutions
8. automatically perform design iterations while minimising critical stress levels
9. capturing and sharing company best practices
10. CATIA V5 has an interface that is incredibly easy-to-use,
11. maximising productivity, innovation and creativity.

CATIA V5 has three platforms, P1 Platform, P2 Platform and P3 Platform, which allows you to choose the level of functionality you require.

CATIA P1 Platform:
(CATIA P1 products are fully operational on a CATIA P2 platform)

  • provides core modelling for small and mid size process-centric customers wanting to extend their design capabilities
  • has a pure Windows look and feel, providing a familiar environment which simplifies the learning process.
  • allows existing customers to address supporting areas of their business by accessing 3D modelling and overcome the hurdles that training and hardware overheads may have imposed.
  • integrates growth capacity for customer methodologies, from interactive 2D drafting to full digital product development processes.
  • is available on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP and UNIX.

CATIA P2 Platform:

  • provides process-centric customers the ability to create their digital enterprise by modelling their products, processes and resources
  • provides an extended set of solutions based on knowledge engineering and hybrid modelling technology
  • allows to drive both Form and Fit through Function specification as part of the integrated digital mock-up
  • enables knowledge driven design that captures and reuses a company's intellectual capitalto support engineering intuition, creativity and innovation
  • allows engineers to quickly create design alternatives with no defects or errors
  • has a '3D Windows' interface that is easy and fun to use
  • is available on Windows NT, 200, XP and UNIX

CATIA P3 Platform:

  • provides a highly advanced, knowledge-based digital product and process development environment
  • has highly specialized industry specific solutions, all of which are targeted to meet advanced design requirements for selected critical industrial processes, such as aerospace, sheetmetal, airframe design, and automotive Class A styling
  • user interface is optimised/customised for the specialisation of the product

Application Portfolio:

  • Mechanical Design Solutions
  • Shape Design & Styling Solutions
  • Product Synthesis Solutions
  • Equipment & Systems Engineering Solutions
  • Analysis Solutions
  • NC Manufacturing Solutions
  • Infrastructure Solutions

NC Manufacturing