CATIA-CADAM Solutions Version 4 is the clear leader of CAD/CAM/CAE systems throughout the market place.
CATIA V4 is used widely in most of the manufacturing industries, predominantly aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, electrical and shipbuilding.
V4 offers an unrivalled flexibility for design. Changes made late in the design process are easily accommodated for, with CATIA involving hybrid-modelling techniques. Current CATIA Version are supported by UNIX.
CATIA-CADAM Solutions Version 4 delivers the largest process-oriented application portfolio available. This extensive portfolio is continuously evolving through research and development, to keep to the fore font of the best concurrent engineering practices.
CATIA Version 4 has open architecture and application programming interfaces, which means you are able to adapt your system, by choosing the particular modules that are necessary to your own particular needs.

Application Portfolio:

CATIA Mechanical Design Solutions
From concept to detailed part design and onto generative drawing production, the Mechanical Design Solutions accelerate the core activities of product design.

CATIA Shape Design & Styling Solutions
The solutions for Shape Design and Styling offer a broad range of integrated tools to design parts where innovative forms or complex shapes are key design factors.

CATIA Analysis and Simulation Solutions
The Analysis and Simulation Solutions provide highly automated, transparent analysis solutions for the designer as well as highly technical, flexible solutions for the specialist.

CATIA Manufacturing Solutions
Manufacturing Solutions include robust tools to program NC milling machines plus applications to handle nesting, robotics, composities design and stereolithographic rapid prototyping.

CATIA Equipment and Systems Engineering Solutions
Equipment and Systems Engineering Solutions handle design, modification and analysis of electrical and fluid systems, plus fitting simulation, and comprehensive space management.

CATIA Application Architecture Solutions
Providing the base on which total solutions are built, the Application Architecture Solutions include tools for interfacing, teamwork enablement, visualization, application development, and more.

CATIA-CADAM AEC Plant Design Solutions
AEC Plant Design Solutions is a next-generation, object-oriented system for designing and maintaining plants and buildings, providing applications to handle all major aspects of any project.

Data Management Solutions
Data Management Solutions facilitate the storage, management, protection and access of product data to maximize its impact on an entire enterprises’ success.

CATIA Network Computing Solutions
CATIA Network Computing Solutions allow the connection of all users in an extended enterprise to browse or collaborate with others while accessing virtual product native data.