The generative capability of the CATIA V5 Analysis Solution provides fast design/ analysis iterations for any type of part or assembly.Moreover,as a result of the CATIA V5 knowledge-based architecture,it ’s very easy to drive product optimization based on analysis specifications and results.Lastly,its unbeatable ease-of-use makes this powerful tool accessible to both designer and specialist.

Products :

  • CATIA –Generative Part Structural Analysis 1 (GP1)
  • CATIA –Generative Assembly Structural Analysis 2 (GAS)
  • CATIA –Generative Part Structural Analysis 2 (GPS)
  • CATIA –Elfini Structural Analysis 2 (EST)
  • CATIA –Tolerance Analysis of Deformable Assembly 3 (TAA)
  • CATIA –FEM Surface 2 (FMS)

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